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Saving money can provide important benefits - no matter how much or how little money you have. Making a commitment towards saving allows you to work towards your financial goals and gives you peace of mind should an emergency arise.

At Smart Money Cymru, we offer many of the services provided by banks and building societies but the difference is – you’re in control.

We provide a facility where by you can save in separate accounts for different purposes, i.e. Short term rainy day fund or longer term such as holidays.

Our aim is to encourage members to save on a regular basis, even if it's only a small amount each week or month. 
Christmas Saver Account


This account allows you to save throughout the year to help spread the cost of Christmas. With this account, you can save regular amounts or make one-off payments.  The account is then locked until November 1st, ensuring your money is safe until that special time of year! 

Instant Access Account

You can open a second share account into which you can save as little or a much as you want and have instant access to it. This account is referred to as a Share 2 Account.

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