More and more people are joining Smart Money Cymru Community Bank with branches in Caerphilly, Blackwood and Tredegar. Mark White, CEO, gives his Top Ten reasons for becoming a Member…..

  1. Smart Money Cymru is part of the community: We pride ourselves on our commitment to the local area, offering personal service to people. In recent years Banks have cut their branches and many towns and villages in Wales now have nowhere you can go to see someone and discuss your affairs. Smart Money branches are located in the centre of Caerphilly, Blackwood and Tredegar where staff are on hand to meet you, and help you.
  2. Investing in new systems: Smart Money is rapidly improving the banking services we provide by adopting new technology, and offering practical help to customers to do more online.
  3. Smart Goods: Just before Christmas we launched our Smart Goods service giving Members access to buy from a catalogue of over 5000 products for the home, paid for by loans from us, if you are eligible. It is proving highly popular and enabling local people to buy the things they need at reasonable cost.
  4. Flexible lending: High Street banks and financial institutions have strict policies on lending, often based on your Credit Rating alone. We think this can stop people getting loans they need, and so when we decide whether to make a loan we look at our Members’ overall situations and take a considered view. We very much prefer to say YES rather than NO, if we can!
  5. 8000 Members and growing: As High Street banks retreat people are turning more and more to local financial solutions who understand them. We now have more than 8000 Members and have recently merged with Islwyn and Plaid Cymru Credit Unions to be stronger together. Also, it is now FREE to become a Smart Money Member.
  6. Sophisticated Financial Products: Our savings service comes with automatic life cover; if you save regularly with us and leave your savings with us, we’ll double up those savings up to a maximum of £5000 on the death of a Member so that your loved ones can get extra benefit to help with funeral costs or a nice inheritance package. Our loans are also covered if a Member passes away with a loan outstanding too.
  7. Dividend on Your Savings: Smart Money has consistently paid a dividend of 0.25% over the last few years and we are looking to provide our Members with even better savings returns in the future.
  8. Working with Employers to help Members save: We work with local employers to help people save. Many companies, large and small, are setting up Smart Saver schemes in which savings are taken direct from their salaries and deposited with us. This is becoming more and more popular.
  9. Making Finance Fairer: Here at Smart Money Cymru we believe that everyone should have access to financial services and products at a fair and reasonable cost and we do all we can to make this a reality.
  10. An Ethical Approach: Smart Money Cymru Community Bank was formed from a Credit Union. These organisations grew from the Friendly Societies which developed around a hundred years ago in mainly industrial areas to support communities and alleviate hardship. As a not-for-profit organisation we exist for the benefit of our Members, rather than shareholders.


To apply to be a Member of Smart Money Cymru Community Bank contact us on: 02922 741761

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