Every month we publish our favourite 5 tips to save money. We don’t just mean to save money in a savings account, but to help reduce your monthly costs. Here are our top 5 this month:

  1. Beware of BOGOF deals – we’ve all done it, purchased an item purely because it’s buy one get one free, and the deal seems too good to pass. Did you know, according to Good Housekeeping, the average UK shopper spends £1,300 more a year on BOGOF deals than they need to? We get swept up in the idea that we’re saving money, when actually, we didn’t need the items in the first place. So, buyer be aware!
  2. Switch suppliers – it’s easy to just let your contracts continue because switching supplier could be time consuming, but the average household can save up to £300 by switching utility suppliers. Don’t forget also your insurance, it’s always worth shopping around.
  3. Audit your bank account – when was the last time you looked at your bank account and knew exactly what every transaction was for? Are you using all of those subscriptions that you pay for? Do you take full advantage of that pet care plan? What can you cancel and save money on, on a monthly basis?
  4. Use an incognito browser – using private browsing means that companies can’t track what you’re looking at, and put the prices up. This really does happen, especially if you’re looking at holiday destinations…
  5. Try a no-spend day – you could try this once a week, not only as a little challenge to yourself, but it will also make you more aware of what you do spend on a day to day basis. That coffee every afternoon from Costa or Starbucks? That could be £80 a month!

If you’ve got some great money saving tips, let us know, we’d love to publish them on our website for you.