We offer a range of corporate services to local Community groups and have a growing list of corporate members within our membership! Being a corporate member means that you not only have ethical finance, but you’re also part of a fantastic community with a wealth of knowledge to help you grow your project.

Are you a corporate member?

We have three categories that you may fall into as a corporate member, for further guidance, please do call us today.

A Body Corporate

A body corporate is a limited company or limited liability partnership that has been incorporated with Companies House. The body corporate can become a member in it’s own name, assuming it fulfils the criteria for corporate membership under the Credit Union’s membership qualifications.

A Partnership

In respect of a Partnership, there must be a nominated representative (individual) who becomes the member in his/her capacity as a partner in the partnership. The partnership must be eligible under the Credit Union’s rules.

A Governing Body or Unincorporated Association

As with partnerships, the credit union account shall be in the name of the registered individual. The person must be an officer of the governing body of the unincorporated association and will be known as the Designated Representative. The individual does not need to satisfy the criteria for individual membership of the Credit Union but the Association must be eligible under the corporate membership qualification of the Credit Union’s rules.

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