Part of our mission is to empower our members financially, and to encourage members to make smart money decisions. Our payroll savings service means saving is made even easier for you as an employer to help your employees save on a monthly basis. It’s a fantastic benefit for your employees!

We have a number of businesses across Wales who have payroll deduction set up with us, enabling their employees to save by having monies deducted straight from their salary and sent direct to us.

There are a number of benefits to you as an employer in providing this facility to your staff, these include:-

  1. You will be providing a valued staff benefit which can help in recruitment and staff retention
  2. People who save regularly are better able to cope with financial stress or unexpected cost
  3. Reducing staff sickness/absenteeism
  4. Promoting us to your employees is a form of corporate and personal social responsibility

In turn your staff will benefit from the following:-

  1. Access to preferential loan rates
  2. Convenient and easy way to save

If you are interested in joining Smart Money Cymru as an employer offering payroll savings, get in touch with us today.

If you’re an employee, and your employer hasn’t joined Smart Money Cymru, why don’t you ask them to give us a call? We’d love to spread the word, and help more people become smarter with their money.

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