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Smart Loans

You can apply for a Smart Loan for almost any purpose! Home improvements, new car, holidays, or for that stressful time at can apply for up to £7500 with us! Our maximum repayment period is 36 months

Just use the repayment calculator above to work out how much your repayments might be.

Home Improvements


Smart interest rates!

Our interest rates depend on what type of loan you're applying for, or how much you borrow. But it will never be more than 3% per month (42.6% APR). Here's our interest rates for one of our standard Smart Loans:

Loan amount Monthly Interest Rate



Up to £1,000 3% 42.6%
£1,001 - £1,999 2.5% 34.5%
£2,000 - £2,999 2% 26.8%
£3,000 - £3,999 1.5% 19.6%
£4,000 - £4,999 1% 12.7%
£5,000 - £7,500 0.75% 9.4%

 Secured loans

A secured loan gives you access to borrowings to an amount that is secured against a members savings balance

All secured loans have a monthly interest rate of 1% equating to an annual interest rate charged at 12%

Please contact us for further information in regards to this product

Why borrow from a credit union?

Here at Smart Money Cymru, we lend responsibly, ethically and fairly - we will never encourage you to borrow more than you could comfortably afford to repay. We charge a maximum interest rate of 3% per month (42.6% APR) on a reducing balance depending on your circumstances.

Unlike many other financial organisations, credit unions exist to serve their members and do not seek to make a profit out of them. There are a number of reasons why borrowing from your credit union is a good option;

  1. Competitive rates
  2. Loan protection insurance is included at no extra cost
  3. No hidden charges or penalties
  4. Repayment rates are tailored to meet your circumstances
  5. Repayments are calculated on the reducing balance of the loan. This means smaller interest payments as you repay the loan 

New car

Think before you borrow

Whether you need to borrow money to get you through a difficult period or to help you afford a treat for you and your family, you need to be careful when choosing credit. Think about the following: 

  1. Can you afford the repayments?
  2. How much you will have to repay in total?
  3. How many repayments do you have to make?
  4. What happens when you miss a repayment?
  5. Is there a penalty if you repay early?

As you make your loan repayments, we encourage you to save as well. So, by the time you have paid off your loan you will have increased your savings too!


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