Making a commitment towards savings allows you to work towards your financial goals and gives you peace of mind if an emergency should arise.

We offer many of the services that high street banks and building societies offer, but with some key differences – we’re ethical, and you’re in control.

Open a savings account with us for many reasons – rainy day fund, wedding, DIY, new car, University fees… you name it, save it!

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Christmas Savings

You can open a Christmas savings account with us, and put money aside each month over the year! Our Christmas account means you can’t gain access until November 1st – keeping your money safe from temptation during the year.

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Junior Savings

We want to educate and empower our members when it comes to using money smarter – and what better way than to encourage junior savings? These accounts are suitable for all children from birth, to 18 years old. Start with just £1!

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Savings At Work

If your employer is one of our partners, you can save money directly from your payroll each month. Plus, as a Payroll Saver, you get access to preferential loan rates too.

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