At Smart Money Cymru, we understand that your credit score isn’t always reflective of your ability to repay finance. An unexpected replacement of a washing machine or oven whilst you are repairing your Credit File from previous missed payments can be disastrous and we want to ensure everyone has access to fair, ethical finance when needed!

Our Credit Builder finance is available on Smart Goods products of up to £400 for new members and members who have never borrowed from Smart Money Cymru Community Bank before. We have flexible repayment schedules available to suit your needs and:

  • We never charge any early repayment penalties
  • Our application is quick and easy-often with decisions made within hours
  • Your application is looked at by humans, not robots
  • Repayments are available weekly, fortnightly or monthly and your finance can be repaid over a maximum of 12 months
  • You have access to Savings account as a member of Smart Money Cymru
  • Once your Credit Builder loan has been repaid, you will then be able to apply for a Smart Loan or additional finance through Smart Goods

Applying for Smart Goods Credit Builder finance is simple. Just click the link below or call our office for a chat with one of our team. If you have a current loan with us, you may still be eligible to apply for a top up loan, so contact our Customer Advisor team to discuss your account.

Apply for Smart Goods
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Smart Goods Credit Builder finance is charged at a straightforward 3% per month (APR of 42.6%). There are no other charges and no penalties for early repayment if you decide to pay off your finance before the end of the loan. A £100 Smart Goods loan paid off over 12 months will cost you £10.05 per month (total charge for credit of £20.60). A credit check may be performed on applicants looking to borrow from Smart Money Cymru Community Bank.